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Windows This article discusses resolution independence while this article illustrates the per-application volume settings in Vista. Additionally, Microsoft released today the XNA Game Studio Express.
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RE[2]: Mmm, XNA...
by Ventajou on Tue 12th Dec 2006 04:02 UTC in reply to "RE: Mmm, XNA..."
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I know, what a shame!

Microsoft, after releasing a full and fully functional range of software development tools for free (Visual C++, C#, Basic, J# Express, along with SQL Server 2005 Express) is now releasing a game development environment allowing hobbyists to write software both for PCs and XBox 360 (for a fraction of the cost of a dev kit).

We should all march in the streets against that... Maybe even issue a fatwa against evil Microsoft!

Let's be serious people. They're the first ones to allow pretty much anybody to program their console with officially supported tools. That's very exciting news for anybody interested in writing games. For the others, why not spare us the pointless comments?

As for the "they're only doing that because they want to crush Linux" crowd, well duh! They're a business, it's their job to take/keep the lead in their field. If you don't want Linux to be crushed then quit whining and do something to improve Linux.

Grow up people!

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