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Windows The internet is full of hosts running unpatched versions of Windows. Should Microsoft release patching worms to fix every vulnerable system on the Internet in a matter of minutes? That's one of the hot questions that security researcher Jose Nazario, famous for his WormBlog, answered in this interview on SecurityFocus. It's a nice read, especially when they start comparing computer worms to nature phenomena.
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I think you're blowing this whole DRM thing out of proportion.

If for example, Microsoft removes your ability to play non-DRM'd content (which I don't see happening anytime soon), use something else. If the use of hardware enforced DRM becomes mandatory, it's not the technology that is the problem, but the people making the rules.

TCPA can be used for a lot of good things, most of which have sod all to do with DRM, and you as a Linux user would do well to adopt it for those reasons when the technology becomes widely available (storing cryptographic keys in the hardware instead of in files on your HD, etc.).

I don't ever see a situation come about wherein alternative operating systems will not be able to run on TCPA hardware. If some Disney flicks won't play on these machines because that corporation doesn't trust your software, I hardly see that as a huge loss.

Back on topic, I think this patching worm is a neat idea, but it's likely to cause more problems than it's worth. That's what automatic updates are for.

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