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Mac OS X Apple website Apple Gazette is reporting rumouring that Leopard will come with an all-new interface, supposedly with lots of black glossy things (similar to Vista, indeed): "Apple Gazette has received a tip from an apple insider that the Mac OS Aqua User Interface will be replaced with a new UI named Illuminous. The source goes on to say that we will see a demonstration of Illuminous at Macworld 2007." I have never heard of this website, so I cannot make an assessment of its reliability, but suffices to say that it is highly debatable. Interesting nonetheless. Update: More info.
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Right. If you think about it, Tablets, Tablet PCs and Touch Screens get cheaper and cheaper every day, the now 30 year old workflow of having one whole hand that translates into a little cursor is old and should be abandoned better sooner than later. Things have to change and the idea that the UI has to be controlled through a little cursor is the first thing that should go.

I'm pretty sure that Apple starts making their UIs more accessible and user-friendly and not just look different. A good looking UI is one thing, but what I'd really like to see in Leopard are these kind of changes, in the sense of not having to go somewhere with a cursor just to change a setting, but to change things 'on target' or on a more global level without the user moving his hands like nuts and causing RSI after like a few years of working on a computer.

I also think that things will go towards a black interface and way more full screen editing and controls. They've done some of that work in Apps like iPhoto, etc. already and I'm pretty sure Jobs likes using every inch of their 30" Cinema Displays for working. Pretty sure that Apple will do the right thing, they've got some components developed already.

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