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RISC OS "I'm a confirmed RISC OS user, enthusiast, promoter and what some may even say, evangelist. Why did I feel inspired to write this short article and share my views with people? Partly in response to an article and partly because there are a number of rather ignorant, yet arrogant, PC users inhabiting some of the comp.sys.acorn.* newsgroups who love to complain about RISC OS and prosthetalize about how good PC applications are to their RISC OS counterparts - usually without the skill set or experience to make a valid judgement. I'm all for argument, but when people argue through ignorance or though blinkers, I feel like shouting 'Oi! No!' in their faces, but instead I'll settle for writing this article."
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RE: Timeline
by evilrich on Tue 12th Dec 2006 21:00 UTC in reply to "Timeline"
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You're right. And the PET wasn't "aged" in 1978. The first PET was introduced in 1977.

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