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Windows "Todd Bishop, Robert McLaws and even I have been keeping a close eye on Windows SideShow, one of the last remaining features in Windows Vista yet to be thoroughly explored. Largely due to hardware constraints, not many people have seen SideShow devices let alone play with one. So apart from the infamous Channel 9 video, a few screenshots and concept art, we really don't know much about the experience. Or should I say, until today."
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Nifty but Useless?
by leavengood on Wed 13th Dec 2006 02:49 UTC
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This whole SideShow feature smacks of one of those things where you say "wow that seems nifty and cool", but in reality you only use it two or three times then forget about it. But I guess we shall see once some hardware comes out.

The screencast was amusing though, especially the use of Apple pictures, hehehe. Anyone else notice the Blue Steel theme? I hope that was an intentional Zoolander reference on the part of the MS programmers...

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