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RISC OS "Gosh! I didn't realize how much discussion my original article would create. A lot of people seemed to accuse me of living in cloud cuckoo land, whereas a lot more agreed with me. I think those who disagreed have either never used RISC OS or just liked a good rant! In either case, I feel compelled to write a short follow up article clarifying some of the points I made in the original article - all of which were perfectly valid." Read the follow up article.
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RE[2]: OS != apps
by vinterbleg on Thu 14th Dec 2006 13:06 UTC in reply to "RE: OS != apps"
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Wow. A user base of 3000.
No, I don't mean to be an assh*le, but that is really not a considerable number of people, certainly not enough to justify the recent amount of non-technical articles on the subject. RISC OS is a curiosity, and these articles have not focused on any of the subjects that I am sure are very interesting about RISC OS, only complained about how nobody uses it but should.

Then again, it isn't meant to be a critique of OSNews, which (as the name implies) covers everything OS-related, it's more a critique of the hardcore RISC OS users who seem to not understand that the world has moved on, possibly in a bad direction, but moved on nevertheless.

And "RISCOSMike"... please drop the inflammatory tone. It's not doing you any good.

- Simon

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