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Microsoft Microsoft on Wednesday took the wraps off its first commercial operating system for robots, with hopes of paving the way for a broader robotics industry and taking a central role in its development.
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RE[4]: The new BSOD
by Arawn on Thu 14th Dec 2006 16:29 UTC in reply to "RE: The new BSOD"
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I do agree with most replies here, they were just jokes, though some have their bit of serious criticism embedded.

And I think that your last sentence was uncalled for. As a moderator, you should know better. I even pondered on modding you down, but then decided that it was not a direct attack, and so a mod down wasn't justified. But... it was close.

I use Windows, Linux, I used OS/2, Atari TOS, and some others, and I can say much of the fame that Microsoft's OSes have is indeed justified. I also say that the last few versions of Windows (2k and XP) are very good, *if* run on decent hardware. But, still, they do have their major quirks.

Still, they are jokes, and they were taken as such.

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