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RISC OS "Gosh! I didn't realize how much discussion my original article would create. A lot of people seemed to accuse me of living in cloud cuckoo land, whereas a lot more agreed with me. I think those who disagreed have either never used RISC OS or just liked a good rant! In either case, I feel compelled to write a short follow up article clarifying some of the points I made in the original article - all of which were perfectly valid." Read the follow up article.
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RE: Not again?!?!
by aesiamun on Thu 14th Dec 2006 23:35 UTC in reply to "Not again?!?!"
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Thank you, I got modded down when I mentioned this last article but there are a few of us who cannot grasp the necessity of running article thread wars...

This can't be interesting to even die hard RISCOS people anymore...I, a mac and linux and windows user, would be just as annoyed if 3-4 why i use/don't use (mac|linux|windows)...

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