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Windows "It doesn't matter what you (or tech reviewers) think of Windows Vista; sooner or later, it's what most people will have on their PCs. In that light, it's fortunate that Vista is better looking, better designed and better insulated against the annoyances of the Internet. At the very least, it's well equipped to pull the world's PCs along for the next five years - or whenever the next version of Windows drops down the chimney." More here. Free registration might be required.
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I agree that there really is not such thing as copying in the harmful way, if there is a useful new feature that one OS has it will be adopted by others, i think of it more as evolution.

However one thing to bear in mind, is that a lot of people always say that microsoft had this at PDC 03/04 etc.. However that doesn't mean to say that apple didn't have the idea at the same time or even earlier, but had not been able to implement it in their OS, just like Microsoft.

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