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Windows Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has written article in which he wonders if your operating system isn't broke, why 'fix' it? If what you're running now works for you, why should you move 'up' to Vista? Joe Wilcox responds to SJVN: "Colleague Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols asks 'If your operating system isn't broke, why 'fix' it?' The very question is the problem. The question reflects a sentiment I hear too often as an excuse for keeping old technologies in place - long after their real usefulness is gone."
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by Tymon on Fri 15th Dec 2006 15:58 UTC
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My opinion exactly. I've been fooling around with Vista for the last couple of weeks. I really tried to dig in deep, learn as much as I could and be open minded about it. Microsoft made a huge lap going from ME to XP (as a desktop OS) so had my hopes up for the same kind of progres.

I have to say, in the beginning I was quite impressed by how smooth the new graphics compositing engine works, the new look and the search stuff. Though some days and countless hours later my opinion changed. To make it short:

Compositing engine is the future, no more tearing, no more "empty" windows when an app stops responding. The glassy look is quite good, for the borders that is.

Search works nice.

UAC probably is a good thing for mr Joe casual user, though I have my doubts, isn't the problem with such guys they just click YES always? Why would it be different here?

Of course this is pretty much subjective but to me, the new look just feels old and done (except the glassy borders), it's nowhere near the elegance of OS X in terms of overal design. The icons are hi-res, shady, shiny and all, but they look like they were designed for my 60 year old aunt. Also, the FX are getting on my nerves even after these few weeks or working with it! The fades when opening and closing an app are great to look at but after 3 days you wish they wouldn't be there. Then there is Flip 3D, well, this is Microsoft's weak attempt to steal OS X's Expose. It's looks nice but is totally USELESS, quite annoying because the technology is there to make a great Expose rip-off!

While search works pretty good if you keep the default settings, it's hell to configure it for other drives. I'm one of those users who keeps all documents on a different HD partition and I link places like "documents" and "pictures" to folders on that partition. That partition and all files and folders are set to not index in XP, this leads Vista unable to add these files to the Indexing service. OK, this can be fixed but it's way to difficult for user Joe. Again, much better and smoother implemented in OS X. On a side note, Google's Desktop search works much faster with lots of files indexed and is easier to setup.

UAC, Useless Annoyance Control, as I've seen it be called somewhere in the internet ;) I tried using it but it's just plain annoying! Again, this is much better implemented in OS X. And besides the annoyance I had to turn it off anyways for my apps to work correctly (music apps like Nuendo).

So in the end all Vista gives me is the new graphics which are not all that great to me. I'm staying with XP for sometime.

Disclaimer: I'm no Mac fanboy whatsoever (I don't even own a Mac but have lots of experience working with them) but I do acknoledge quality and give credit where credit is due.

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