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Mac OS X "There are probably a lot of features and functions that Apple could -- and probably will -- add to OS X. But we're not pointing out missing features; we're focusing on 15 of the little things already in OS X that need refinement or rethinking based on our everyday use of Macs." More here.
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RE: My favorites...
by wargum on Fri 15th Dec 2006 20:12 UTC in reply to "My favorites..."
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»the function keys should work as function keys by default and as laptop hardware control (e.g. brightness) only when Fn is pressed«

You can do that! Look in the System Preferences. I can't remember the exact location and name of the checkbox (I have a desktop Mac, so the option is not available), but I think it is under 'Keyboard & Mouse' -> 'Keyboard'. Check it out.

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