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Debian and its clones Sources close to Mandriva, Progeny and Turbolinux say the trio of companies will be announcing a new enterprise Linux distribution based on Debian Linux at the LinuxWorld event in San Francisco in August.
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RE[3]: The step backward ...
by Anonymous Penguin on Sun 10th Jul 2005 07:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The step backward ..."
Anonymous Penguin
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"You dont know me at all , so, you cant speak at all of my nature , I am being Fair and accurate as usual."

Of course I don't know you personally, but I know from your previous, biased comments.

"What can I say I aint an anonymous."

Now that is ridiculous. Because my chosen nickname is Anonymous Penguin, I am no more an anonymous than you are. I am a registered user.

"4) Almost no user at all , this mean that they dont have a big budget for development as no one contribute or give donation."

Once again you don't know what you are talking about. And for "somebody with almost no budget" they manage to advertize quite a bit at Distrowatch.

"Distrowatch is a personnal site with some good information , its ranking as no real value in the overall use of a distribution , most of the GNU/Linux user dont read or go to Distrowatch at all."

Yet many of you were screaming blue murder when you lost your first place to Ubuntu.

"Someone who as a niche make a profit , let me repeat that so that you alsmot get it : Someone who as a niche make a profit , doing some part in the market , they are mostly rebranded and stylized Debian core."

Who told you that they don't make a profit? How do they keep going on? For you the only measure of success is money. And yet even you admit that Ubuntu and Knoppix are a success (and "the LinuxTag" excuse doesn't sell)

"No , but then again accurate information dont seem to be something you whant , need or have."

No, it is you who doesn't. They started as Jon and Tal Danzig. When Jon became ill they employed Daniel de Kok. Everything else you say about Libranet doesn't deserve my comment.

"Mandrake dont exist anymore its called Mandriva now , because it acquired Conectiva and the management finally got fed up to pay lawyers."

Everybody is refusing to use that silly name

"The Number of Mandriva user easily pass the number of user of any Debian alone."

Any Debian, what does that mean? There is only one Debian and its derivatives.

"And why nobody choses Mandrake as a basis for their distros?""

A really impressive list. And PCLinuxOS shouldn't be there, it is a fork.

"Because they are incomplete and broken product and project that you need to really go and start your own project and company to make things change and evolve ... "

Wrong again. Debian is a very flexible metadistro, certainly not broken. Neither is Red Hat, which gets merely cloned (because it is very good and expensive)

Most of the rest of your comment is such a nonsense that I have nothing to say.

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