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Privacy, Security, Encryption "All too often people talk about the disadvantages of the Windows operating system: it has too many security flaws, it is not properly patched, it is not security oriented… Until the much talked about Vista system finally reaches our computers, there will still be plenty of time to protest. However, with the new malware dynamic, the idea that malware is restricted to specific operating systems is becoming anachronistic. It no longer matters whether the victim is a home-user or a company employee. It is now irrelevant whether the system administrator is just someone who lives round the corner or a highly qualified IT manager."
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RE[2]: Malware ?
by stestagg on Sat 16th Dec 2006 11:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Malware ?"
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No you couldn’t do this using snail mail because the originator of the scam couldn’t replicate the information quickly enough

You use the correct word here, scam. Scams existed before computers, they just didn't have such a large target base.

If you include in your definition of malware harmful digital information

The clue is in the -ware ending. Traditionally, the computer industry has had: software, freeware, shareware, adware and malware. All of these have one thing in common, they are computer programs.

this problem will help to scupper Vista security
(is not a Non-OS-Dependant Malware)

Of course, but then there is no solution to this problem. End users HAVE to be able to run code on their computer, otherwise the computer is just a piece of furniture.
Luckily, as the computer industry is maturing, user education is increasing. Most people nowadays are aware of the dangers of opening unexpected attachments, A/V scanners are a help, but they will never catch 100% of viruses.

This article, according to its own vernacular, is just a piece of nonware. I'm sure that everyone on this site is aware of 419ers and phishing attacks, why tell us about it again?

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