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Mac OS X The most recent Mac OS X security update from Apple Computer includes a glitch that prevents users from running 64-bit applications on the company's new Tiger operating system, AppleInsider has confirmed.
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RE[2]: No company is perfect
by rain on Wed 17th Aug 2005 21:56 UTC in reply to "RE: No company is perfect"
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Microsoft did help bring a computer into almost every home in America however. (And please don't say "Well some other company would have done it"...that's almost as dumb as saying "Well the US helped a great deal ending WW2, but if they hadn't done it, some other country would have").

Now, if that's such a stupid argument then please tell me what Microsoft did to help bring a computer into almost every home in America? Because seriously, I don't have a clue, so I'm curious.

I was personally under the impression that the internet was what started the huge home computing boom. People started to hear about this thing called internet in the mid/late 90's and decided to get a computer in order to check it out. Now, the thing is that pretty much every x86 computer out there had Windows pre-installed. Did people really go out to buy a computer with Windows or just a computer? There wasn't much of a choice really.
Would the computers have been sold without an operating system if Microsoft wasn't so successful with their marketing?
There were several much more modern, stable and easy to use operating systems out there at the time. I'm pretty sure that the hardware companies would have chosen any of them if Windows hadn't existed.

It's pretty easy for MS to take credit for that part of the history when all they did to "help the people" was to be very agressive with their marketing. They happened to be at the right place at the right time. It was pretty much pure luck.
MS didn't do anything better than the other companies (like IBM, Be, NeXT, Apple, Amiga etc.) except for marketing. But I'm pretty sure that one or two of those companies would have gotten a large piece of the pie if it wasn't for MS. Because if there is a demand for something, someone will provide it.

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