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Mac OS X A French user has discovered that ZFS is now 'officially' supported in Leopard [French], while testing the latest build of Apple's upcoming operating system. Indeed it is now possible to create disk images or partitions formated in ZFS (screen capture included). However, it seems that it is not possible yet to install the OS on a ZFS partition.
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Encoding HDTV is a CPU-intensive process with a limited number of potential bottlenecks: simply pointing the finger at ‘the kernel’ isn't in the slightest bit useful, all told.

Realistically, there are only three real places that something like that could suffer: an I/O bottleneck (Linux could be more efficient at buffering than OS X), a memory-management issue (was XNU swapping when Linux wasn't, for example?), or a scheduling problem coupled with the two previous: for example, was there a resource over-allocation applied to the encoding process which makes task switches slower than they should be (i.e., causing a slow-down in both overall encoding performance and interactivity)?

What you really should be doing is profiling the encoder on both platforms to find out what's slowing it down: with a process that actually uses the kernel as infrequently is this, it wouldn't be particularly difficult to do and perform a real comparison.

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