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Microsoft "Microsoft has a problem. Vista, its long-awaited update to the Windows operating system, can't run the current version of SQL Server. The company is working on a SQL upgrade that is compatible with Vista - called SQL Server 2005 Express Service Pack 2 - but it's in beta and can be licensed only for testing purposes. Microsoft hasn't set a release date for the new SQL program. So companies looking to install Vista, which went on sale to corporate customers Nov. 30, are going to have to get their database management software someplace else."
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RE: Not a big deal
by DonQ on Sun 17th Dec 2006 00:41 UTC in reply to "Not a big deal"
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I don't think I'd want to put a critical DB on a brand new OS to begin with.

MSDE/SQL 2005 Express is not meant for storing critical data; it's rather MS Access DB engine replacement (much better one, btw).
MSDE is used widely - many applications include this engine to store internal databases (previously they used MSJet DB engine, aka MS Access). Newer versions of these apps may use SQL2005 Express - but if the latest won't run on Vista, then apps won't run either.

And of course I want to use my apps on a brand new OS (or at least check, are they Vista compatible).

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