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Benchmarks With two Intel Quad-Core Clovertown processors and eight sticks of Kingston FB-DIMM DDR2 Phoronix set out to see the level of memory performance in an octal-core environment. Phoronix has tested the memory in single, dual, and quad memory channel configurations. Read the article to see how the Intel Xeon 5300 performs in various Fully Buffered Dual Inline Memory Module configurations.
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all that technology
by jamesd on Sun 17th Dec 2006 20:43 UTC
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and the fsb and non die mounted mmu still bites them in the a$$.

Even with the best of those numbers its only a 25% improvement, and none of the benchmarks were typical uses for a server. Start a few large transfers of data from disk to ram or disk to network and then do the same benchmarks and see if the benchmarks still hold up.

Everyone is raving about Intel dual core and core duo chips but where are the server type benchmark records?

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