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OS/2 and eComStation eComStation 2.0 beta 3, the new evolution of OS/2, is available to download for registered users. The new features of this beta version are available on the online readme file. Among other things, this new release includes better support for wireless chipsets and advanced power management features.
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RE[2]: looking forward to it
by steampoweredlawn on Mon 18th Dec 2006 02:44 UTC in reply to "RE: looking forward to it"
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I guess I misread the article, and Flash might not be released in it's entirety, but the core engine at least is being released.

and to Kancept, yes Flash and Java do exist for OS/2, but Flash support only goes up to version 7 and Java only up to 1.4.2, and it's more or less the Windows distro w/ an Odin wrapper. It's slow and very memory hungry. Would be nice to see a native port of Java 1.6

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