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Mac OS X The most recent Mac OS X security update from Apple Computer includes a glitch that prevents users from running 64-bit applications on the company's new Tiger operating system, AppleInsider has confirmed.
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RE: You said it all
by rain on Thu 18th Aug 2005 00:43 UTC in reply to "You said it all"
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That is exactly it and the funny thing is that people throw that out like its some trivial small thing when its literally what makes the difference between life and death for a company.

Now I didn't say that it is something trivial. Marketing is an art in itself. But it really has no relevance in this discussion. If MS hadn't been there to be the best in marketing, someone of the others would have been the best. It's all relative you know.

But I questioned in which way MS helped to get a computer into almost every home in the west world, that no one else could.
Many people like to think of MS as the cyber messiah blessing us with the new fresh technology that no-one else could provide. And MS loves it. But those who has a bit of insight in the rest of the industry knows that they aren't doing much exciting work over at MS camp compared to many other companies or uni's.
I'm not saying that MS aren't doing anything right, because they are, and they are getting better. But they don't have any magical knowledge about technology that no other company, oss-team or individual person has. They just have the advantage of being in the spotlight all the time.

Sure there were a few other things that MS did that competitors failed to do (trust me I was running OS/2 and IBM screwed more up then just not marketing the OS) but generally I'd agree that the marketing is what did it the most.

Oh yes. All of the competing products had their flaws. I'm not saying they were perfect. But overall MS was many years behind them technology-wise and has mainly been playing catch-up ever since.

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