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OS/2 and eComStation eComStation 2.0 beta 3, the new evolution of OS/2, is available to download for registered users. The new features of this beta version are available on the online readme file. Among other things, this new release includes better support for wireless chipsets and advanced power management features.
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OS/2 is/was FAR better than DOS, Win3.1, Win9x and only (in some ways but not others) caught up by Windows 2000. Windows (even with Vista) still hasn't gotten the user interface to be as good as OS/2 has been since 1992.

The most impressive thing was that I could literally has one computer do the work of four Windows 3.11 or Windows '9x computers on the SAME hardware.

As another person said. It was amazing how many programs you could have running on OS/2 at the same time with a 386 or 486 computer. Did you need to work on 15 things at the same time? (Updating servers remotely, recalcing a big spreadsheet, etc.) No problem. OS/2 handled it without crashing. Windows? What a laugh in comparison.

Plus you had more control of memory settings for each and every program. So even DOS programs ran better in a DOS box on OS/2 than running them in DOS (no Windows). Links Golf for DOS is a great example.

Another great thing was that I could have multiple modems connecting to different remote servers gathering performance data (or whatever) or I could be remotely updating two or more servers at a time with every loosing any connections.

Now if they could get it so eComstation ran on my Core 2 Duo iMac I could run it in VMware. XP or Vista? No Thanks. I have to support XP at work now and soon Vista. Nothing like working on Vegas and Pintos at work and going home and using something that works a lot better.

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