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Window Managers The Enlightenment team has released version e16- of its window manager for the X windowing system. "Add Xft font support; add _NET_WM_SYNC_REQUEST support; enable setting focused/non-focused opacity independently (Grant Weir); enable window matches on override-redirect windows (for compositing options); by default set opaque and fading off on xscreensaver window; various minor bug fixes and enhancements."
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RE[4]: Beryl
by michi on Mon 18th Dec 2006 20:55 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Beryl"
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What I'd like to have is an API that allows me to do things similar to the API described there, not a low-level thing that allows me to implement the API I'm needing - gnome/kde should provide it, I shouldn't need to implement it myself.

Zack Rusin, one of the KDE developers, is working on a new image effect library that can add special effects to applications:

This library supports OpenGL Textures, QPixmaps and QImages, thus it offers hardware accelerated effects if the hardware supports it. There is a screenshot:

Please note that this is a really new project, thus a lot of work remains do be done.

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