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Linux If you are like me an want to try ArchLinux, but were discouraged by its awkward installation program and the complex task to convert the base system into a usable desktop, here is a new option for you: Arch Linux Office Install CD: "This CD installs a complete setup of Arch Linux distribution. No 'configure' is needed except to prepare hard disk, set mount points, and install the LILO boot loader. Also no post configure. Once installed, you can start working with popular Linux programs for office, Internet, and web development. If you are new to Linux, this installer is a good starting place to begin." It comes with Linux, X.Org 7.0, KDE 3.5.5, and the usual open source software applications.
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USB optical drive installation
by uhsf on Mon 18th Dec 2006 23:13 UTC
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Does this Office Install CD supports USB optical drive?.. What about the new 0.8 Voodoo Alpha ISO?

To install Arch on the Sony Vaio UX, compilation of a kernel with additional USB option is necessary. Booting from existing partition is also possible but is slightly messy for a small 32GB flash hard drive. Inconvenience gets out of hand in this situation.

The code naming scheme should get on track at least for the 1.0 release and Debian is #1 until the USB installation bug is resolved.

Note: such 'all-in-one' Office CD doesn't fit the Arch spirit very well.

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