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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Recently there has been a lot of discussion bubbling up regarding the possibility that Ubuntu will ship proprietary 3D drivers by default for some video cards. My aim here is not to discuss the specifics of that decision, which is still being fleshed out and ratified, but to instead define my views on the bigger picture behind the discussion - features vs. freedom."
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by vtolkov on Mon 18th Dec 2006 23:50 UTC
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We all know about Gates's "My Computer". But Linux guys are offering us "Their OS". Gates says "you do not have rights to copy my blowware", these guys say "you definitely can copy our crap, but you do not have rights to use their driver". Can you spot a difference? The difference is that Linux's guys love to talk about freedom. If about my freedom, I do not think someone should be able to limit me in what I'm doing with the product I legally own. So if I want to use driver with blob, I should be able to do that. And if someone saying that I do not have rights to do that, this only means that all these talks about freedom is nothing more than dirty commercial.

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