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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Recently there has been a lot of discussion bubbling up regarding the possibility that Ubuntu will ship proprietary 3D drivers by default for some video cards. My aim here is not to discuss the specifics of that decision, which is still being fleshed out and ratified, but to instead define my views on the bigger picture behind the discussion - features vs. freedom."
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RE[2]: Freedom?
by Tor85 on Tue 19th Dec 2006 00:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Freedom?"
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> 1) hand-edit a config file so that I can then
Hm with Nvidia closed blob you don`t have to. There is now a script, that makes it for you. You just have to click Yes... -.-

>2) download & install a cobbled together open-source >driver
Uh? You mean closed blob I guess?

>3) and then edit yet another config file so that I can >get aforementioned cobbled together driver to actually >work.
No, you don`t have to do anything like that. Just 1 blob and then: yes, yes, yes.

>If it doesn't "just work" then, by definition >something's NOT working. And for me, right now, Linux >is not working. :/
When last time I used windows xp (2 years ago) I had to download nvidia blob either, so...

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