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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Recently there has been a lot of discussion bubbling up regarding the possibility that Ubuntu will ship proprietary 3D drivers by default for some video cards. My aim here is not to discuss the specifics of that decision, which is still being fleshed out and ratified, but to instead define my views on the bigger picture behind the discussion - features vs. freedom."
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RE[2]: focused
by DonQ on Tue 19th Dec 2006 18:30 UTC in reply to "RE: focused"
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"other hand accepts them as a temporal solution"

temporary solutions have a bad way of dropping the *temporary* aspect...

How does a growing community have the power to demand specs be opened? With 50 million linux users, all running nvidia cards, all using closed drivers - that puts pressure on nvidia how?

You're absolutely right ;)

Compare with ATI - they don't have [didn't have] useful propieritary drivers for linux. In result we have pretty good open source ATI drivers (well, I know that not for latest cards, but anyway).

If NVidia hadn't released their drivers for linux - probably we could have good opensource NVidia drivers too. Of course not for the latest cards though...

Neither situation doesn't put any pressure for ATI or NVidia to open their drivers. NVidia even doesn't need open their specifications, because everybody is using their drivers. ATI released some spec-s to help create multimedia drivers for older cards; for newer cards they don't need that anymore, becuase their closed drivers are working.

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