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Linux "Linux file manager ontogeny encapsulates the history of GNU/Linux. File managers began as command-line and generic graphical tools and progressed to desktop-specific ones, gaining sophistication along the way, with mouse controls, for example, replacing buttons. Today, the more than a dozen options highlighted here will suit users with widely varied interests."
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Not a good article.
by Sodki on Wed 20th Dec 2006 00:18 UTC
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Nautilus is useful as a file viewer, but as a file manager, it is tolerable only in browser mode, which uses one pane for the directory tree and is only available from System Tools -> File Browser.

Well, excuse me for liking Nautilus' spatial mode. And besides, you can define the browser mode as the default on Nautilus preferences. As some readers pointed out, the author also missed a few notable file managers. Not a good article, in my opinion.

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