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Novell and Ximian "I had more than 1 year of time to think about my future and came to the conclusion that the thing I'm most interested in still is Linux." During an exclusive interview to Data Manager Online and pc-facile, SuSe co-founder confirms, after he left one year ago, he's back at Novell since early December.
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by milles21 on Wed 20th Dec 2006 00:58 UTC
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When he left you could see gobs of comments he returns and voice that he is inline with Novell's moves and all of a sudden everyone is on mute. Eugenia I know you have the post from his departure. Please be so kind to tell me the stats of the rants vs today.

As a community we still seem to focus on the negative, unless the positive is in direct contact with Microsoft. I am still searching for the community unity welcome back Hubert

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