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Novell and Ximian "I had more than 1 year of time to think about my future and came to the conclusion that the thing I'm most interested in still is Linux." During an exclusive interview to Data Manager Online and pc-facile, SuSe co-founder confirms, after he left one year ago, he's back at Novell since early December.
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RE: Amazing
by elsewhere on Wed 20th Dec 2006 03:22 UTC in reply to "Amazing "
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I am still searching for the community unity welcome back Hubert

Well, in fairness this is probably news to the community. I like to try and keep on top of things, read the trades, visit forums, planetsuse, that sort of thing, and I haven't seen a whisper anywhere about this.

If you hit google news, you'll only find two references to this: the article, and this OS News article about the article.

I'm sure the reception from most people will be positive, excluding a few disgruntled primates ;)

I'm just in awe of the absolute cone of silence over this as far as communications goes. Hell, with the PR blunders Novell has suffered through recently I would have thought they'd be happy to announce Hubert's return, even if his departure was wrapped in a bit of controversy. But to not even see a mention of it from the developer blogs of people working at Suse that even worked with Hubert in the past? Frankly, I'm cynical enough to be suspicious.

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