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Microsoft With the recent release of Microsoft's newest potential cash cows, Windows Vista and Office 2007, the company is expecting a wave of upgrades from users seeking the latest functionality. But what if you're not looking for new bells and whistles? What if you want to keep your old operating systems, such as Windows 2000, running as long as possible? Microsoft isn't making it easy for you.
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I have the same problem with trying to toy with xna, only the game studio install is limited to xp.
wich is not really a requirement as I think that xna is based on dotnet, and dotnet is supposed to give us cross platform compaltibility. But microsoft a decided to give more credibility as a cross platform virtual machine to ... java.
I agree that aging os shouldn't be used but windows 2000 is still a modern OS ( heck even nt4 is still a decent desktop os, but lack of multimedia ability ).

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