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Windows "On November 30, Sophos issued its monthly report on the top ten threats reported to them in November of 2006. As a part of this, Sophos also studied Vista's vulnerability to these malware threats. I found the information and press discussion confusing, so I thought I would clarify what this really means for customers. In order to understand what was really going on here, I asked the team to go look at the technical facts behind the story, and that started in the lab. We began by observing first-hand how these various forms of malware affect a Vista system using a machine that was configured with the default settings and without any additional security software. What we found was that if you are using only the software in Vista (e.g., Windows Mail and no add-on security software), then you are immune to all ten of the malware threats that Sophos cited."
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RE: windows dah-bate
by sukru on Thu 21st Dec 2006 12:24 UTC in reply to "windows dah-bate"
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Sorry to answer your post, but you claim "i know Windows very well, and it is a painful wound", but you probably don't.

Linux is really nice, it runs on my primary desktop and I believe OSS really delivers good quality.

However bashing Windows security blindly is not mature. I'm not talking about my own experience (you should already guess that my Windows machines runs smoothly), but I want to remind you that many large enterprises use Windows without security problems.

Just read the osnews article about tens of thousands of unsuccessful attacks to Microsoft at . And also try to research how much money and time Microsoft spends for security development.

Nobody is perfect in security, yet making those kinds of blanket statement without any acceptable evidence, will not help OSS, but will only hurt the look of OSS advocates.

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