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X11, Window Managers In 2002, both KDE and GNOME released their last major revisions; KDE released KDE 3.0 on 3rd April, while GNOME followed shortly after with GNOME 2.0 on 27th June. For the Linux desktop, therefore, 2002 was an important year. Since then, we have continiously been fed point releases which added bits of functionaility and speed improvements, but no major revision has yet seen the light of day. What's going on?
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RE[3]: What??
by wargum on Thu 21st Dec 2006 20:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: What??"
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> you forget that before os X, macos was very bad

Oh, trust me, I know that ;)
I tried to switch in the early iMac days, but OS 9 was a nightmare to me an so I switched back to Windows. With Mac OS X 10.3 though I felt the OS is much more robust, stable and of course I wanted this sweet Exposť thingy ;)
So I bought a Mac and since then I never look back. It's totally irrelevant how crappy OS 9 was, what's your point here?

> new release of os X will have multiple desktop...
> linux have that since begining

I did use Linux as my primary OS (an Win for games) in 2003 for half a year and never got used to virtual desktop, it was not appealing to me, just confusing. Also, OS X had Exposť since 2003 and I tell you that the need for virtual desktops is not that strong when you have Exposť. I personally look forward to Leopard because Spaces is the only implementation of virtual desktops that has ever attracted me. It is not just a rip-off, Apple took the concept and made it, well, perfect, IMHO. But I wait with my final verdict until I've used it.

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