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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless HTC's eagerly anticipated entry into the ultra-mobile PC market has made an early, unscheduled appearance on the web, adding weight to the company's own admission that it could release a UMPC-like product as early as 2007. Mobile-Review has more photos [Russian, spec list in English] of the device. Don't tell me you don't (secretly) want one.
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RE[3]: I don't want one :-)
by signals on Fri 22nd Dec 2006 14:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I don't want one :-)"
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Seriously, WindowsCE/Mobile is a terrible OS... My Nokia 770 has been the first mobile device that is actually worth a damn.

Look, I'm no Microsoft fanboy, quite the opposite in fact. But I own both an HTC Apache and a Nokia 770, and I have to say that the Apache is a very nice machine; the 770 was a complete waste of $350.

My biggest problem with the 770 is the form factor. I love the screen, but it makes the device too large to carry on a daily basis. If I don't carry the device around, I don't use it, and it sits on the charger and collects dust. The Apache is much smaller than the 770 and has an actual hardware keyboard!

But, there are countless other problems with the 770:

No keyboard is a huge deal for me. How am I to use SSH to log into my servers from the road? The on-screen keyboard on the 770 just wasn't cutting it.

The 770 has no built in communications besides wifi, either. If I'm going to carry around a brick the size of the 770 and all I can use for network access is wifi, I may as well just grab my MacBook Pro.

Also, I have yet to find a groupware solution for the 770 that works anywhere near as well as WM5. I need to be able to connect to my corporate Exchange server and synchronize e-mail, calendar, and contact information. With WM5, I even get true "push" e-mail. And, since the Apache can connect via USB/WiFi/EVDO/GPRS, I can connect from practically anywhere at any time.

And, (I'm still very bitter about this) I can't get my dang 770 on the wifi network where I work. They do 802.11x with WEP (don't ask why) here and the 770 is incapable of this. I had my Apache running WM5 on the corporate wifi network in about 2 minutes.

There's also no software for Maemo. For the last year or so, I have been following the Maemo related blogs and the application catalog at waiting for the "killer apps" to come, but very slow progress is being made, especially considering that it's supposed to be so easy to "port" *nix/X11/GTK+ apps to Maemo.

(To make the software situation worse, they changed binary formats on me between the OS 2005 and OS 2006 releases of the 770 firmware. Important software that I had used on 2005 was never ported to 2006 by the authors, and I was even more upset with Maemo because now I had actually lost functionality during an upgrade.)

Also, the 770 is slow as molasses. The processor in the 770 is half the speed of the Apache, and I can overclock the Apache to 150% of it's stock clock speed. I don't think Nokia gave the 770 enough memory for Linux either. So I was always starved for memory on the 770.

I realize that most of these points have to do with the hardware, and not the OS. But, what good is a great OS that only comes on lousy hardware?

As much as I hate to admit it, WM5 has been doing a great job at being my phone/PDA/internet-terminal, and the 770 was an incredible disappointment.

But, to each his own...

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