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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless HTC's eagerly anticipated entry into the ultra-mobile PC market has made an early, unscheduled appearance on the web, adding weight to the company's own admission that it could release a UMPC-like product as early as 2007. Mobile-Review has more photos [Russian, spec list in English] of the device. Don't tell me you don't (secretly) want one.
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RE[4]: I don't want one :-)
by tmack on Fri 22nd Dec 2006 15:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I don't want one :-)"
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Yeah, my opinion is the complete opposite, other than the 770 being underpowered.

I don't mind the 770 form factor... seems great to me. It doesn't have that giant PDA feel that every Windows Mobile PDA device seems to have.

I fine the screen perfect for SSH sessions and the osso xterminal application works great.

I'm not sure why having only wifi and bluetooth is a problem... I'm not sure why you'd want ethernet or some type of wired connection in a hand held device.

If you're having problems connecting to a WEP protected network with the Nokia, you're doing something wrong or you have bad hardware (either a defective 770 or AP or both).

There's a ton of software for the Nokia, but it's not a Microsoft product, so you're definately not going to get exchange functionality. But I'd hardly blame the Nokia for not being able to connect to some proprietary network service. That's like complaining that it can't connect to Windows Update... it's stupid.

If your Windows CE PDA is doing better at being a terminal than the Nokia 770, either you are doing something really, really wrong or you have a bad unit.

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