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Zeta "We are continually working on ZETA and many improvements and bug fixes are ready before we are ready to release a ServicePack or update. As we don't wish our customers to wait, we have decided to publish a selection of these on our website. This will give customers early access to updated drivers and applications." You can access the download section here.
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Does anybody know
by Earl Colby pottinger on Thu 18th Aug 2005 16:24 UTC
Earl Colby pottinger
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Does anybody know if the download section will be for code that only works under Zeta or atleast comes with source code?

The reason I asked is that a number of drivers are no longer available in BeBits.

The author has transfered ownership of the code to YellowTab and I don't see the drivers in Zeta's download section.

If he had transfered to Haiku I atleast would be able to find the source code (it is always hard to find one piece of code in Haiku but it can be done) but YellowTab ofcourse is a for profit company and will only release code if they feel it is in their best interest - not mine.

Ofcourse, If YelloTab does release the drivers soon with code this entire rant in null and void - I hope that will happen.

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