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X11, Window Managers In 2002, both KDE and GNOME released their last major revisions; KDE released KDE 3.0 on 3rd April, while GNOME followed shortly after with GNOME 2.0 on 27th June. For the Linux desktop, therefore, 2002 was an important year. Since then, we have continiously been fed point releases which added bits of functionaility and speed improvements, but no major revision has yet seen the light of day. What's going on?
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RE[2]: Thom, read this
by searly on Fri 22nd Dec 2006 20:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Thom, read this"
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As i said in a post before, Thom (and Euginia) both obviously do not know what they are talking about, or they can't be bothered to do proper research for their editorials ... but what is new, it seems much easier to just spout off some uninformed drivel than put work behind an article. Sadly there is no real point in arguing a point, because one just gets modded down and accused of "personal attacks", when in reality the article was nothing more than a troll, void of any reality ... me looking forward to KDE4

Oh by the way even if Thom reads this (that is Seigo's blog), he won't change his position. It is just easier to write drivel and it obviously helps the click rate as this thread proves, maybe Thom you should take a course about "Ethics in Journalism" ... you never know it might help!

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