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X11, Window Managers Apparently, my article a few days ago caused a bigger stir than I had anticipated, not at all unrelated to the fact that my wordings may not have been optimal. So, let me clarify things a bit.
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RE: Huh?
by Thom_Holwerda on Sat 23rd Dec 2006 21:25 UTC in reply to "Huh?"
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I think this statement is, to put it simply...not true.

"Other than that, KDE and GNOME developers themselves are never shy of referring to GNOME 3 and KDE 4 in a positive context" does NOT mean: "talking about it every possible moment".

It just means what it says right there-- that GNOME 3 and KDE are often used in a positive context without ANYBODY ever bringing up the argument that version numbers mean nothing-- however, as soon as I use the designations in a negative context, everybody is up in arms about the version numbers. That's rather hypocritical. That's all.

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