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X11, Window Managers Apparently, my article a few days ago caused a bigger stir than I had anticipated, not at all unrelated to the fact that my wordings may not have been optimal. So, let me clarify things a bit.
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RE[5]: Thom's cool
by Lava_Croft on Sun 24th Dec 2006 14:54 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Thom's cool"
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In other words, which part of their reaction caused you to believe that they were overreacting and couldn't take honest criticism?

Browse through the comments to see my point proven.
Not to mention all the talk that has been going on outside of OSnews, concerning Thom and his article.

But make no mistake about it, there are quite a number of people who for whatever reason feel compelled to speak out against Linux whenever they get a chance. It's as childish as someone slamming Microsoft or Windows at every opportunity.

It just amazes me every time again, that whenever there is 'negative' news about Linux, the reactions are far more fiery, flaming even, than when there is 'negative' news about for example MicroSoft or Apple. This is not a view, or a opinion, but a simple fact, which I felt like pointing out.

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