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X11, Window Managers Apparently, my article a few days ago caused a bigger stir than I had anticipated, not at all unrelated to the fact that my wordings may not have been optimal. So, let me clarify things a bit.
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RE[4]: What is this all about?
by D3M0N on Sun 24th Dec 2006 19:35 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: What is this all about?"
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Why? XP has it, OS X has it. People moving from those OSes would be expecting it. Something as trivial as bluetooth *should* come with it.

People complain that Windows doesn't come with enough applications, yet it comes with every single example that was listed. It comes with a video editor (Windows Movie Maker), Windows Messenger, and bluetooth. How is that bloat? They're all usable features. Now, if there were 7 applications that did the same thing in a default gnome install and WEREN'T usable for a vast majority of users, THAT would be bloat. The thing is, you're not an average joe user.

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