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Amiga & AROS "Hyperion Entertainment is very pleased to announce the immediate availability (for registered AmigaOne customers) of Amiga OS 4.0, The Final Update. Originally released in May of 2004, Amiga OS 4.0 is the most stable, modern and feature-rich incarnation to date of the multi-media centric operating system launched by Commodore Business Machines (CBM) in 1985 with which it still retains a high degree of compatibility. Amiga OS 4.0, The Final Update is the culmination of 5 years of development and takes the form of a stand-alone ISO image which contains a full installation of all Amiga OS 4.0 components. A list of new features can be found here. Availability of PowerPC hardware suitable for operation with Amiga OS 4.0 will be announced by third parties early 2007." Together with Microsoft selling Linux and Apple switching to Intel, this is the definitive proof that hell is now officially frozen. I sure know I'm taking ice skates with me to the grave.
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It's not from Amiga Inc, it's from Hyperion. It is a major release of a minor OS, therefore it is News, at least to a OS based news forum.

1: No one said AmigaOS was seriously stable, well in fact it is, but dodgy programs will crash it out, which is a little err. "old fashioned" these days. But it will often warm reboot faster than Windows seems to close a crashed program, and unlike Windows XP will not be zomibified by simply connecting to the Internet. Mostly because no one can be bothered to be write viruses/malware for something that takes up so little marketspace.

2: It's the most modern AmigaOS, Hardware support is very good, but since it runs on custom hardware that's no great suprise. Availabilty of applications is not the OS fault, features are pretty good to be honest. It's a modern OS that I use as a primary OS, sure the Web Browsers are rubbish compaired to, say, Opera but how is that Hyperion the OS makers fault?

3: A new Web browser came out yesterday, new Mail program (Simplemail) came out today, new Direrctory Opus came out yesterday, new Mplayer err. day before yesterday. I don't know how Haiku's doing recently, but Amiga OS4 was much more advanced that the version I saw a couple of months ago.

I've never used MorphOS, but I'd like to, I hope it does well, I hope Haiku does well, as unlike you I don't pick on small niche OS's I hope they all do well and bring something new and intresting to the table.

4: Good question, I dunno, quite what Final Update means, full offical release when some Hardware comes out? I know it was a stupid idea to link the OS to custom hardware, I think we all know that now, but it's the way it is, and what people have to live with.

I am not, as the person who submitted this anything to do with Amiga inc or Hyperion.

Happy Christmas to everyone who goes into that sort of thing!

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