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SuSE, openSUSE "This post comes at the convergence of a number of events. First, there was the story on OSNews titled 'Has the Desktop Linux Bubble Burst?' That generated a number of responses, one of them from Aaron J. Seigo. With all the drama buzzing in the background, I went back to my Suse 10.2 installation and started to look at the KDE desktop."
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KDE hard?
by Savior on Mon 25th Dec 2006 08:49 UTC
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"KDE is good for tuning freaks (like the author, as you can see). Gnome has simplicity and coherency all over, it's easier to use than KDE."

That's what I used to think - before I tried Kubuntu Edgy. I shunned KDE before, because of the numerous hard-to-find-out-what-they-do applications, the (consequently) overcrowded menus, etc. But the Kubuntu version is very clean, and feels right at home.

One more thing. Do not call someone a tuning freak, not even an enthusiast, for wanting to change the background, or the color of theme. Ever. It is the absolute minimum the user should be able to do on a desktop, and it is very sad that Gnome does not provide one of these. I also wanted to do this, and ended up hacking the theme files. Ugly.

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