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KDE For those of you who have not followed the comment thread on the 'On Favouritism, Apologies, and Black Helicopters' story: I there promised to write an article about all the customisations I do on KDE to make it look and (more importantly) behave in my own preferred way; as a sort of Christmas present, so to speak (it is not like it is a fast news day today). Read on!
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RE[4]: You don't realize
by pepa on Wed 27th Dec 2006 01:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: You don't realize"
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Interesting that both proponents of an 'empty' desktop have widgets on their desktop..!

For me, the desktop is my temporary storage space. The files/folders there are expendable, but I have easy access to them at all times (by minimizing all windows / 'show desktop').

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