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Internet & Networking The Asterisk dev team has released Asterisk 1.4.0, the first in the 1.4 series. The Asterisk project releases a major version about once a year. This series includes T.38 Fax over IP passthrough support, HTML manager, a new version of AEL (Asterisk Extension Language), IMAP storage of voicemail, Jabber/GoogleTalk integration, a jitterbuffer for RTP, whisper paging, and many more other new features.
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RE: is it usable?
by naelurec on Wed 27th Dec 2006 03:23 UTC in reply to "is it usable?"
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In many ways, it IS an OS/programming language for your phone system. Routing calls via different routes, building complex menu systems, developing applications (ie reservation systems, weather reports, automated technical support, etc..), attaching a wide variety of phones, leveraging the internet for your telephony backbone, interfacing with POTS (or as a bridge for POTS/VOIP), developing complex rules for call centers, help desks, etc..

Fortunately there are other projects that take that power and simplify it for certain markets .. Ie Trixbox is geared toward home and small businesses and provides full web-based configuration which ends up being quite simple to setup but still retains the full Asterisk system if you need to tap into that.

Anyways .. while I have played with both Asterisk and Trixbox quite a bit, I have yet to deploy it .. it is very tempting when comparing its feature set and price point compared to the alternatives.

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