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Zeta The magnussoft ZETA 1.5 Pro is a major upgrade over the ZETA 1.21. It provides lots of new features and enhancements like SAMBA, multi-user, new device drivers etc. The product can be pre-ordered for 29 Euros and it has an expected shipping date of 2007/01/15.
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Not exactly the same
by Invincible Cow on Wed 27th Dec 2006 14:12 UTC
Invincible Cow
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> 128 Euros for an OS that can do exactly the same like ubuntu.
Can Ubuntu play mp3 files out of the box? No.
Can Zeta play mp3 files out of the box? Yes.

Also, the desktop is different, you can't get it like that in Ubuntu without a LOT of customization, I don't know if it's even possible.

And it doesn't use X11, which is actually quite visible. Zeta does update the screen faster.

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