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Windows An editorial examines the OS lay of the land on the eve of Vista's release, and makes an interesting case for why Windows "rules the world". Do you agree? We report, you decide.
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Windows - easy to maintain
by ccchips on Wed 27th Dec 2006 20:35 UTC
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"if you look at Windows as end-users see it, it's mostly stable, it mostly works out of the box, and most users don't spend time maintaining their Windows boxes"

In my case, this is correct. The Windows user in my house doesn't maintain the Windows box.

I do. Takes upward of 30 minutes a week, because I want to make sure there are no problems hiding behind any walls (you know---event logs and other things that users don't see?)

Actually, Suse has become about as easy to maintain as Windows, and I didn't have all that much trouble when I was running Debian either.

Ironically, the most frustrating experience I had with Linux was caused by glitches in PROPRIETARY KERNEL DRIVERS.

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