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Windows An editorial examines the OS lay of the land on the eve of Vista's release, and makes an interesting case for why Windows "rules the world". Do you agree? We report, you decide.
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Not Windows rulling the world...
by dulac on Thu 28th Dec 2006 19:31 UTC
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Lets be straight:

People use windoze because of the wealth of programs done for windows... not for windows itself.

An OS is useless without the Programs made for it... its these people use. Period.

Microsoft collects the benefits of the work made by others... by the programs MS didn't do.

Windoze are the needed ACCESS path to those programs. And it is this that users pay.

In this regard, Programmers and Software companies are also as much hostages from MS as Users are.


The maintenance of this state of affairs is another business:

The malpractice and unfair business to other companies that MS absorbs (like FlightSim) , threats with legal battles in the (in)justice, AKA courts of law... (remember Digital Research ?!? They destroyed GEM a better windows than windows...) and so on...

Linux does have a guilt on this:
- No definite APIs to call the Interested companies...
- A mess when it relates to dependencies (the APIs again).
- The absence of an untrusted closed source drivers level so they can be easy and safely installed.
- The absence of a similar to DirectX (it was build with the help of game companies... and then... evolved with the bought of involved programmers).

In conclusion: MS is NOT an OS company... it is financial octopus with new tentacles growing now and then and others dying. But Yes, the windoze is the key player in their hostaging of users and developers.

This is why MS rules... with the help of the law system just like the most succesful criminals do. Period.

This is just my personal opinions. Do what you like with it. I do suggest to think about and have your own.

P.S. - I ratter see MS as a mouse maker than a software company... their mouses are good... I wonder why they do not pay royalties to the Palo-Alto Xerox team who invented it ?!? MS do like so much of ridiculous patents why not respect true creative and original work like the invention of the mouse ?!? Maybe because Law is not about justice... maybe it is more about power!!!

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