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IBM IBM's Lotus Software division is taking a bigger bite of Apple's Mac OS X. The company on Dec. 28 formally rolled out the latest version of its Lotus messaging software package, dubbed Notes 7.0.2, which will include e-mail, calendar management tools and instant messaging that is specifically designed for Mac OS X users.
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Fun while it lasted
by Phloptical on Thu 28th Dec 2006 23:26 UTC
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Now you Mac people have to endure the garbage that is Lotus and Domino too....what joy. MS may have a lumbering albatross in Windows, but I think their Office products are right on the money. Even Office on the Mac is a good product, but Notes is plain horrid. We've had to endure it ever since our company got bought out and had to switch from an Exchange environment to Domino and Notes. Ugh. It's been 4 years of email-hell. Every night, as I check my mail in Thunderbird, it reminds me just how bad Notes is.

Just my opinion, but there's nothing Lotus Notes can do that Outlook and Access can't do as well, or better.

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