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IBM IBM's Lotus Software division is taking a bigger bite of Apple's Mac OS X. The company on Dec. 28 formally rolled out the latest version of its Lotus messaging software package, dubbed Notes 7.0.2, which will include e-mail, calendar management tools and instant messaging that is specifically designed for Mac OS X users.
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RE[3]: Fun while it lasted
by slater on Fri 29th Dec 2006 07:41 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Fun while it lasted"
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The *ONLY* people that push/root for/actually *like* Lotus Notes are the developers that have sunk time and money into training courses to actually learn the damn thing, and consultants trying to make a fast buck.

I have yet to come across a user who says "Yeah, I really loooove Lotus Notes". Notes these days is mostly used ONLY for mail & calendar stuff, and those things it does laughably, horrendously bad. It makes you wonder what the UI designers are smoking. It may actually BE the be-all, end-all, all-singing all-dancing "collaborative enterprise-y development super-platform" that the devs (and consultants...) all praise it to be. Trouble is, there are smaller, easier-to-use apps out there that might only offer a fraction of what Notes does, but I'd rather use little apps that do ONE thing VERY well, than buy into the monstrosity that is Notes. Heck, I can't stand Microsoft stuff, but give me an Outlook/Exchange setup ANY day over the dead, tortured, rotting corpse that is Lotus Notes.

PS: Friend of mine mentioned it's a reason for him not to accept a job position if he sees the company is using Notes, regardless of how much money they're offering him.

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