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General Development "Last week, I listed what I think is wrong with Make. This week, I offer my suggestions for alternatives," writes Adrian Neagu on his editorial at Freshmeat.
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good article
by subterrific on Sun 10th Jul 2005 12:21 UTC
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I'm always interested in build tools, and I thought this article was a good overview. Having already used many of the tools mentioned I didn't learn a whole lot. However, Scons caught my attention and after finishing the article I read the Scons user guide and converted several of my smaller projects to use Scons. The SConstruct files are one or two lines compared to 10 lines for the Makefiles. I think using Python for building software makes a lot of sense. It is more powerful and readable than M4 or XML, and more free than Java. It has been almost a year since I've used Boost.Jam v2, but unless it has made some serious progress, Scons is easier and integrates better with other tools.

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