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Graphics, User Interfaces Since it's year end, I thought I'd post one more "fun piece" for everybody. After Thom posted an article on his customized KDE desktop, I thought it might be interesting to compare desktop screengrabs and see what other OSNews'ers desktops look like. Are you cluttered or clean? Are you minialist? What's your wallpaper? Upload a picture to an online service or your own website and show off your desktop. I'll start: Adam's desktop (312kb).
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by Gent on Sun 31st Dec 2006 06:00 UTC
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I rarely post here, in fact, since registration started, I'd never even gotten around to registering until now. I'm a desktop junkie -- if that makes sense. I used to be 100% console, but once I discovered FVWM I found I could make a truly capable desktop that made things fast and easy, but also good looking.

The desktops you're about to see are over a years worth of on and off configuring towards FVWM. They are built on a number of my own scripts/work as well as some other peoples. The presentation is minimal overall.

The top 100 pixels or so is taken up by a media player (mpd front end) and a several line terminal. Both can be "rolled up" using F1 and F2, and a maximized window will go over them. The bottom bar is not complete yet, as eventually it will have more than a battery monitor and the pager on it.

FVWM's pager is perhaps the best I've ever seen. You can drag windows off of it, cross between two pages, like seeing the right half of the first and the left half of the second. You can even sidescroll through all your windows that way, breezing across however many desktops you might have. The ability to move windows in the pager and "pick" them from it is by far the feature I cannot do without. I can switch to an empty desktop, and pick windows from the three others right off the pager into the clean desktop.

In addition to that, using a series of scripts I open music, videos, and images from my menu. I can even download and view the latest of my favorite comics, or select my wallpaper. Like others, I also have the thumbnailed view for minimized windows.

All of this is sloppy focused to make fast use of middle click copy and paste.

Anyway, all the graphical applications I use are GTK2 for the sake of a unified look and feel but also simply because I tend to prefer most GTK2 applications. I stay away from gnome libraries and gnome dependencies as much as possible, preferring the simplest applications to do the task at hand.

Applications include Firefox, Thunar (file manager), Sylpheed (e-mail), Tea (text editor), GIMP, and PyMPD (for a mor iTunes like front end to my music).

That all said, here's some simple screenshots:

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