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Gnome "I noticed some tiny disturbance in the force before Christmas as Thom Holwerda posted two articles about what he felt was the sorry state of free desktops. Seems most people in the GNOME camp simply ignored the article as irrelevant, but Aaron Segio of Trolltech and KDE let it somewhat get to him. Personally I felt Thom kinda pointed out some troublesome points, but that his context and conclusion was wrong."
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Gnome Doing Fine
by pfsams on Sun 31st Dec 2006 22:26 UTC
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Steady Improvement and stability is far better than earth shattering. At one time I disliked Gnome, now it seems to be my desktop of choice. There are things in KDE I like better, but it seems Gnome is the more user friendly desktop for my day to day use.Gnome and KDE both rely on a community of developers, yet they have eclipsed anything Microsoft and Apple have accomplished in any comparative time period. Don't scream at me about "how popular" Microsoft and Apple are, I'm talking about features and usability, you cannot top Gnome, KDE, or GNU/Linux.

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